Green Dogs Unleashed received an URGENT plea for help to get a deaf pregnant Australian Cattle dog out of a shelter in Surry Co., NC before she was to go into labor and give birth. The shelters concern was the upcoming 4th of July weekend (which they would be closed for) and they felt she needed to safely be in rescue at a foster home before her puppies arrived.

Our GDU team jumped into gear and started networking for help. A big shout out to Mayberry for Paws for helping to facilitate getting her from the shelter in NC to us here in Troy VA. Thank you Jennie, Jessica, Alyce and Beth for making it possible for her to come all the way to GDU!


Pictured: Liberty’s FREEDOM RIDE!

This sweet pregnant girl arrived at  GDU within a matter of 6 hours and we have named her Liberty or Libby for short. She has settled in nicely in her foster home. Liberty is showing signs of nesting so we know it won’t be long now before she has her puppies…stay tuned…

If you would like to sponsor Liberty, please click here to make a donation for her medical care.