A thumbs-up can replace a clicker while training a deaf dog.

A thumbs-up can replace a clicker while training a deaf dog.

Our canine training programs are based on fun, socialization and the training principles. Our course studies are divided into Canine 101, Canine 102 programs and Therapy Dog Training.

Canine 101: Offers a comprehensive training program covering; walking on a leash, teaching puppies/dogs to respond to their name, sit and stay, how to command your dog from jumping onto others, the “leave it” command, handling your dog/puppy, recall commands, “down and stay” commands, increasing distance with the “sit and stay” command, the “down and stay” command from a distance and greeting new people. A six week course meeting once a week for one hour.

Canine 102: Offers more advanced training strategies which build on the Undergraduate curriculum. Also includes advanced commands and tricks. A six week course meeting once a week for one hour.

Therapy Dog Training: provides information and training skills for both the handler and the dog in order to prepare them for visiting people in a situation providing educational, therapeutic, recreational and /or specific therapy. A eight week course meeting once a week for one hours, plus 2-3 additional field trips.

Tricks and Games. This 6 week class will keep you and your dog on your toes (and elbows and knees) as we discover all new ways to enjoy our Canine/Human Bond.   Fun tricks you can debut at your next family gathering, incredible games to keep both you and your furry friend engaged and excited about spending time together.  This class is guaranteed to help you think both inside and outside of “the box” of Pet Parenting, with an emphasis on enriching both of your lives through laughter and fun.  We even have specialized equipment specifically designed with social distancing in mind!  Make sure to enroll right away to enroll, as class size is limited and spaces can not be held without tuition payment.

All NEW Canine FIT CLUB!  This exciting new class will help you and your dog:

* Improve sport performance and reduce their chance of injury
* Improve body awareness, balance, flexibility, mobility, and muscular strength
* Provide you and your dog with mental stimulation
* Learn new fitness exercises for your dog in a group environment
* Increase your dog’s confidence and focus
* Strengthen your bond and communication with your dog
* Use fun fitness equipment you may not have seen before.
*Have fun with your dog, and enjoy new abilities!

Loki the great dane during a class session.

Loki the great dane during a class session.

NOTE: We also help with special behavioral problems and concerns which may fall outside the curriculum listed above.

Our curriculum and lesson process is designed to help you develop a stronger and closer bond with your dog. We also specialize in private behavioral issues training.

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