A thumbs-up can replace a clicker while training a deaf dog.

Thank you for your interest in dog training classes at Green Dogs Unleashed! Erika is a premier trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist who has helped so many furry friends and their people become wiser in all things dog. From training your new puppy, to working with special needs pups, and everything in between, you will find the answers to many of your questions and lessons to keep your dog happy, healthy, and thriving.

Tricks and Games
This class will keep you and your dog on your toes as we discover all new ways to enjoy our Canine/Human Bond. Fun tricks you can debut at your next family gathering, incredible games to keep both you and your furry friend engaged and excited about spending time together. This class is guaranteed to help you think both inside and outside of “the box” of Pet Parenting, with an emphasis on enriching both of your lives through laughter and fun.
Students must enroll in and attend all 6 weeks of class.

Canine 101
Canine 101 promises to be a fun learning experience for you and your canine companion! Dogs learn to work with their humans, and vice versa. Things like ‘focus’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘leave it’, ‘let’s go’, and how to walk properly on a leash or gentle leader, are among the work learned. As a special needs rescue, we do structure the class toward those with deaf or blind pups, as hand-signals or touch training works well with all animals.
Students must enroll in and attend all 6 weeks of class.

Canine Fit Club
There are many simple steps we can take do to improve the quality of your dog’s life and your relationship with your dog. The better you understand your dog, the better you will be able to recognize injuries, signs of aging, and signs of weakness. Whether your dog excels in agility, obedience, conformation, fly ball, or Netflix and Chill, this course will help you build muscle, confidence, and purpose for your pet, in a safe and friendly environment.
Students must enroll in and attend all 6 weeks of class

Leash Walking – Intensive Overnight Camp
Help your dog learn to walk with you as a TEAM, together in unison. Using gentle leader training, this overnight experience will help prepare you and your dog for walking nicely with you. Drop off at 8:30am (Mon-Thur) & Pickup the next day in the afternoon by appt only. At pickup the next day, You will have a 20min private lesson with trainer Erika Proctor. 1 dog per slot. DOES NOT include supplies of gentle leader/ short lead which can be purchased separately. Dog MUST be CRATE TRAINED to attend.

Private Lessons
One hour private lesson with Animal Behavior Specialist and Trainer Erika Proctor. With lessons catered to your dogs specific needs, this class is perfect for pups of all ages and abilities.

Loki the great dane during a class session.

NOTE: We also help with special behavioral problems and concerns which may fall outside the curriculum listed above.

Our curriculum and lesson process is designed to help you develop a stronger and closer bond with your dog. We also specialize in private behavioral issues training.