Here at Green Dogs Unleashed we are so fortunate to have some amazing foster families available to nurture and love the dogs that come into our rescue program. This allows each foster family to evaluate their new foster dog and also work on any issues the dog may have to overcome any challenges that may be present before each dog is available for adoption. By having a good foster program it also allows GDU to be able to clearly represent each adoptable dog and try to make a good family match based on the information each foster family shares with GDU about their individual foster dogs.


Our newest foster family additions arrived at Green Dogs Unleashed on June 26, 2015. We are excited to be participate in making sure each rescue dog has the very best chance at success by sending each dog to loving and committed foster families.





A big shout out and THANK YOU to the foster families who have stepped up at the last minute to foster these sweet babies and to Alyce for driving them here to safety. We appreciate all of you!

The Green Dogs Unleashed Team