Introducing Mack. Mack was surrendered by a young military family, unable to afford the extensive care and ongoing follow up treatment he will need. This gentle giant , 9 month old deaf Great Dane puppy is quite possibly the largest dane pup we have seen. All that size doesn’t help that Mack has Osteo Condritis Disicans in both of his shoulders and will need surgery to correct this. Thankfully the amazing Vets at VVS have given him a very good long term prognosis following surgery, but this is extremely costly and will require help from our “Village”. Currently the estimate we are looking at is around 3500.00. Please help us help Mack, he deserves his chance at a Happily Ever After.

From Virginia Veterinary Specialists: Mack Update! Mack came to us from Green Dogs Unleashed for a bilateral shoulder scope for OCD. He is 10 months old and is going to be a BIG great dane! We scoped both shoulders and removed the OCD flap. He recovered beautifully and even though he was moving slow, he was up and about pretty quickly. It didn’t take long for us to figure out he LOVED milkbones and head scratches. Naturally we all fell in love with this big boy

Here is a picture (below) from the scope , showing what we are needing to remove. There is smooth healthy cartilage on one side and you see the flap and the rough area we are going to remove.

 If you can donate $5, $10 or even $20 to help Mack out please click here to view his GoFundMe profile. 
Here he is getting prepped by our wonderful surgery team
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On a post op walk outside.

Update 5-30-2015: We just got off the phone with VVS again with incredible news!!
Not only is Mack up and walking around and doing well, but the total bill (since he is being discharged today) is only 2186.40!!! Below the original estimate!!!!!
This is the amount just for the surgey, and he will need ongoing medication and care, but we are beyond excited for this. What an AMAZING clinic, the come in BELOW estimate. These vets and their staff have been so kind, patient, and amazingly giving of themselves, and we cannot thank them enough!!!!