Update 4/15/18 Kylo has been adopted and went to a wonderful home! Thanks to Katie, Derek and their entire family for working so hard to train Kylo and get him past all of his issues. You all set him up for success and I know Kylo’s new mommy will be forever grateful.

Meet meet 13 month old deaf/blind puppy Kylo who is searching for a very special home with someone who will be patient, continue his training, love him, always keep him safe, and never give up on him. Kylo has been in a loving foster home for some time and he is flourishing. He currently lives with other dogs and does well with them.

He is a MINI Australian Shepherd (maybe 15+ lbs). He came to us as a stray from a kill shelter on his last allowed day. He had no manners or training at all (poor little guy – he must have been so confused).

This little guy is just starting to learn what having a really great life is all about! He is a smart cookie, and has learned “sit” and “come” very quickly, using ‘touch training. House training is going well, There is a bell hanging on the door handle, and he is learning to ring it to be let outside to potty. Nope, he can’t hear the bell ring, but you can! He will, of course, have to learn where the door is in your house, once he gets there, so you might expect a period of adjustment. He certainly could be trained to use a doggy door, but would require a fully-fenced yard, and supervision for a while during training. We have no doubts he’ll pick up everything else without much problem.

Kylo is best suited for a family without young kids, as he can be a little mouthy. He isn’t mean, but those little teeth are sharp, and he has not yet grown out of the need to put everything (including hands and fingers) in his mouth.

He will NEED an Aussie savvy family, who knows how to keep him ‘worn out’, or give him a job. He will need LOTS of exercise. He would love doggy siblings, and gets along great with his current Mastiff foster sibling. He would not be happy in an apartment. He will require a physical fence for the yard. Electric fences are never appropriate for blind or deaf dogs.

Photo above: Kylo chillin with his foster mommy Katie

For more information about our mission and for an application for adoption, please go to www.greendogsunleashed.com.

*/*/* PLEASE NOTE: The first communication you will receive after completing an application will be via email. Please keep an eye on your inbox AND spam folders, just in case.

Kylo is sponsored by Deaf Dogs Rock and available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed!

GDU does ask a minimum adoption donation of 300.00. This is a minimum donation and does not cover all expenses, as we are funded solely by the angels and volunteers willing to donate time and finances. This minimum donation includes DAPP, rabies if age appropriate, heart-worm test and preventative, if age appropriate, and flea and tick treatment, as well as neutering or spaying if the animal is medically sound to undergo surgery. This minimum donation does not even begin to cover the actual expenses each animal has while in rescue, but does go directly towards vet care for our rescue animals. In an attempt to avoid tummy upset from a sudden change of food, the foster family may include a small, transitional bag of the food the dog/puppy has been eating. And if the dog/puppy has grown attached to a special item (like a toy or blanket), they may send that along, as well.