One of the things our Green Dogs Unleashed volunteers love to do is take our GDU Therapy Dog Teams out to special events. This is a great opportunity for our team members to work with their therapy dogs and at the same time reach out to our local community on what we do here at Green Dogs Unleashed. We get to talk to children about how to properly approach a dog and teach them some safety tips on approaching dogs they don’t know.  We also get to bring awareness to our community about rescue and shelter dogs who may need homes as well as show them how incredible a “special needs” dogs can be if they are gifted with a strong foundation of love, patience, and a consistent training commitment.


We recently had the pleasure of attending the Charlottesville Catholic School Spring Fling. Because of questionable weather, the event was held indoors so we had a wonderful opportunity to reach out to everyone who attended this local event.

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Photos Above: All of our GDU dogs had a great time and they even did a huge “PawCasso” which was basically dogs trying to do “finger painting” with their paws.  


We made so many new friends! And it was so amazing that the children remembered Riddle and asked for some of the other dogs from the Day of Service! Our Green Dogs Unleashed Team is looking forward to a bright and on going relationship with CCS!

Thanks so much to the Charlottesville Catholic School for inviting Green Dogs Unleashed to be part of your Spring Fling Celebration.