Below is an update on Fiona, Chester and Riley the rescue dogs who came to Green Dogs Unleashed last week.

Fiona’s Before photos



Foster Update Fiona!



Update: Senior Newfie mix Fiona was found as a stray, covered in mats and burrs and had to be shaved down totally. The amazing people at Orange County Animal Shelter in VA take nothing but the best care of their residents, and made sure she was comfortable until rescue (GDU) was secured. Fiona is now out of the shelter and living it up in her foster home, that just adores her.

Fiona is good in the house and goes out to potty, getting alone very well with the other dogs, and clearly LOVES her toys. She does not guard them but likes to pile them up on her bed. She is recovering from an ear infection, and does have some arthritis in her back legs, for which she is on supplements, but it doesn’t slow this 10 year old down! She is a snuggle bug and loves everyone, it doesn’t need to work on her leash walking. Fiona is up to date on vaccines, is now spayed, and searching for a retirement home to love her the rest of her days.

If you are interested in adopting Fiona please fill out an GDU adoption application by clicking here. 


Foster Family update on Chester


As you can see from the above photo Chester does not look amused but looks pretty happy (and clean) one his bath is finished


Update from Chester’s Foster Family – Chester is far too dignified a name for this adorable little goober, so we call him Chet around here (or Mr Grumpy Puggleface, depending on how mature we’re feeling).

He’s a sweet, lovable 5-6 year old pug, looking for a lap to warm. This excitable little fellow gets along well with other dogs, and is intrigued by cats, but loses interest quickly when they don’t play back. He rides well in the car, loves to give kisses, and walks on the leash like a true gentleman!

Available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed. If your interested in adopting Chester be sure to fill out a GDU Adoption Application by clicking here. 



Foster Dog Ryder (was aka. Gridley’s) update: 

Foster mom update from Gridley now Riley – Riley is a  7-8 month old JRT in Louisa VA.


Update: Pup’s new name is Ryder, and he responds to it. We let him settle in, then introduced him to Bella first, who put him in his place from the beginning, and asserted her authority as dame of the house! Then we introduced Charlotte. I think Ryder was intimidated by her size at fist, but now they are rocketing through the house and playing their little hearts out. Ryder has been out on the leash to do his business and does well on a leash. And BONUS, he goes to the door when he is ready to go out! He is a sweetheart and loves to smother you in kisses, but also likes to bite your cheek and nose, so we are working on that. Ryder loves toys, and grabbed his favorite from the table as I was sorting through to find one I thought he would like! LOL He has not been formally introduced to the cats but has spied them through the gate and took a playful stance with nub wagging.


This little boy is up to date and neutered and ready for a home of his own!!


If you are interested in any of the above foster dogs please fill out an adoption application. Sometimes we do get multiple adoption applications so it is best to get your application in as soon as possible to be considered for a loving potential home for one of these sweet foster dogs. Please click here to fill out a GDU Adoption Application. 

Thanks again to all the families who helped these three pups out!