• This form tracks vests that are in the temporary custody of a GDU registered Handlers/Volunteers. No vest shall be taken from GDU premises unless the volunteer has completed this form.

    In consideration of the services provided by GDU, in connection with the Handler participating in GDU activities, I agree as follows:

    • The vest are to be used for GDU sanctioned events, activities, and therapy visit only. All events and visits must be approved by GDU in writing prior to any participation.

    • While participating in therapy visits, handlers must be clean, well groomed, and without influence of alcohol and/or drugs that would impair safety or judgment.

    • While participating in a therapy visits, dogs must be clean and well groomed, have trimmed/filed nails, clean teeth, be free of internal and external parasites, in good general health, and up to date on all vaccinations.

    • Dogs or handlers who have any fresh wounds, recent surgery, other injuries, infections or any condition may not do pet therapy visits until recovered and healed.

    • Therapy dog teams must strictly adhere to all rules and regulations in each facility. If these rules are unclear, ask a staff member or activities director to explain them. If any facility rules conflict directly with GDU Rules and Regulations, please contact the Green Dogs Unleashed office.

    • GDU members will conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit or embarrassment to the organization when performing their volunteer duties.

    • If a handler chooses to engage in a behavior/activity that is outside of these guidelines, the handler must remove the dog’s official Green Dogs Unleashed vest and notify a facility supervisor that Green Dogs Unleashed insurance is not in effect for the duration of the behavior/activity.

    • Pets are required to wear the GDU vest or bandana to all visits, but consider it an honor! It sets you and your pet apart and designates you and your pet as a certified Green Dogs Unleashed Therapy team.

    • The Handler/Volunteer is responsible for safeguarding the vest while it is in his/her possession.

    • If the vest is stolen, or damaged immediately notify GDU. Volunteer can be held liable for cost of repair or replacement of vest. Current cost of vest is estimated at $150.00.

    • The vest should be returned to GDU once the purpose for its loan has been completed.

    • I agree to abide by GDU policies and procedures concerning the regulation of fundraising, promotion, and all other activities including any revisions, as they are handed down from time to time.

    GDU retains the right to reclaim GDU vests and bandanas from any team member at any time. Should GDU feel it is necessary to take such action, team member agrees to immediately and without hesitation return equipment to GDU director or the GDU facility. The vest shall remain the sole property of GDU at all times.

    I hereby declare that I understand and agree that they are bound by all terms and conditions of this document. Handler acknowledges that she/he has read this form and that she/he understands its meaning and effect.
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