Finding great fosters homes is no easy task. It’s a lot to ask a family to take in a dog they know almost nothing about, care for, love, train, and then give up an animal they often have fallen in love with. Some foster families foster dog after dog. Some foster a few and take a break. Some adopt. Our foster homes are the backbone of GDU. Without them, we would have no rescue program.


Harley Quinn on the right side (now Stella)

A few months ago When one of our amazing fosters decided to adopt her foster dog Ronan (this would be “foster success number 3” for her), she told us it was our fault for pulling such amazing animals she couldn’t give up.

It is inevitable then that foster families will often adopt their fosters, but difficult because this often takes them off the fostering list. In the last few months we have actually had 6 foster “successes”, and now are happy to announce 2 more!

Congratulations to Hoss ( now Tank) The deaf English Bulldog puppy (bringing his moms GDU total to 3 as well) and Harley Quinn (now Stella) the deaf Boston mix (GDU dog number 2) on finding your forever families.  Our Green Dogs Unleashed team is excited to see you both thrive and continue in your training here with us at GDU! And thankfully both foster families have promised to foster again.

If you would like to know more about fostering for Green Dogs Unleashed, please click here to learn more.