COURTESY POST. Located in New York. There is help with transportation. Please note that this is not a Green Dogs Unleashed dog and has not been behavior evaluated by us. It is a Courtesy Listing only:

Elvis is a beautiful black and tan coonhound mix who weighs just shy of 70 pounds and is estimated to be somewhere around 2-3 years old. He is housebroken, crate trained, knows basic commands (sit, stay, come), and is overall well behaved in the house. Unfortunately, he and our other dog do not get along. They cannot even be in the same room with one another. Elvis does get along well with a majority of other dogs that he meets, including other dogs that have been in our house. He goes to doggy daycare during the week and hasn’t had issues with the dogs there.

We found Elvis as a stray in Queens. He went through Sean Casey animal rescue and was neutered, vaccinated and checked by a vet. He’s heart worm negative, up to date on all of his shots (bordatella, lepto, etc..) He had some dental work that needed to be done, which we took care of (he had some broken and rotten teeth that had to be removed). He is very healthy, doesn’t usually shed (right now is an exception though as its a seasonal change!) and is affectionate and loyal.

Unfortunately, Elvis really isn’t well suited for city living, the density of cars, people and dogs stress him out when he’s on a leash and the trainers that we have worked with believe he would be much better off if he had a backyard at his disposal (with a fence, he’s a high jumper!!). We believe that because of the stress of the environment, he has started to try to jump up on people so I think a home without small children would be best as he could easily knock them over. I should stress that he has NEVER tried to bite or hurt anyone, he will ONLY jump and bark and this is new behavior which I think would probably disappear after a transition period in the right home. Overall, he’s a sweet, lovable lap dog who still prances like a puppy when we come home to see him and we want to find him a good and loving home with someone who is experienced with dogs and will be able to work with him.

Valerie Aranov
(609) 558-6670