A Reason Greater Than Any Other by Erika Proctor – Green Dogs Unleashed

The puppies sat huddled and hunkered down in the back of the run, filthy and covered in fleas as so many before them had. They trembled when the shelter workers walked by and tried their best not to make eye contact. They were but babes, tossed aside like so many animals are. Someone had treated them like disposable trash. Our rescue Green Dogs Unleashed received the call for help the next morning. Nine they counted nine little nameless creatures who were all facing the odds against them. As always the shelter was full. The shelter had too few fosters and not enough funding but these nine babies would not die today. They would not hear of it. Not on their watch.


The decision to act quickly to save the puppies would be one that would forever change my family’s life. The X-Men pups as they would come to be known, were taken into quarantine by a group who immediately vetted the pups. It would be a few weeks before they could be spayed and neutered in preparation to find their forever homes. In the meantime, pictures of each puppy would be posted, their personalities assessed, and potential families would be screened. 

Photo above: L to R – Reason, Finn and Zoey

The big adoption day event would come where the puppies would be showcased and potential families would meet the puppies in person. This is always an exciting time for our GDU team and the last thing on earth that I could have ever imagined took place. As I was volunteering at the adoption event, my heart would be overtaken by one of these sweet fluffy angels who would later become mine. To be honest though, this fat fluffy ball of allergen would never really be mine. My then two year old daughter claimed this one. Those four big brown eyes locked on to one another and it was the beginning of our journey. What I witnessed for the first time that day was a bond only a child and puppy could experience and I knew at that very second this was some kind of unstoppable force. If I had known then what I know now, I might not have fought so hard against it.

“Reason” as my daughter called her new puppy has given us so much more than that of a “typical” family furry baby. Reason has blossomed into an amazing (albeit hairy) Therapy Dog who frequents assisted living centers, schools and hospitals bringing joy to all of those around her. She can walk into a room and ease the worries of Veterans and she can calm the fears of those children who read books to her knowing in their hearts she will never judge them. She often brings my own children a sense of self confidence unrivaled by school tests and worksheets. 

A visit to our local Police departments and first responder departments during our “Green Dogs Goes Blue” campaign. Bring joy and comfort to our local law enforcement and first responders who keep us safe every day. 



Reason is pure love. She is a sense of relief after a long day of hard work even for an animal trainer and rescuer like myself. Reason is laughter and smiles. Reason is mischief. The kind of mischief you always got into as a child just to seek out the thrill of being a rebel. Reason is hugs in the morning and cuddles of warmth on the sofa even when she has been rolling around outside in the mud. 

Reason is everything our family could have drempt of and yet she was a totally unplanned blessing. She is a byproduct of volunteering for an amazing animal rescue. 

She is our Reason. She is a Reason greater than any other. She is a Reason for life. Our Reason to be.