A Note From Green Dogs Unleashed Director:

aliceIn rescue work we often see the very worst of people. People who treat their animals like commodities, tools, trash. People who toss them away Unfazed by the emotional, physical, and psychological damage they cause these helpless creatures. People and sometimes shelters that abuse, neglect, and profit from the pain and suffering they cause. We see the worst of humans, and it often takes its toll on a rescue warriors heart. We become disgusted, discouraged, outraged and often indifferent to other human Beings. Our hearts may be hardened and skeptical because this is the only defense we have against such atrocities. We learn to enjoy the company of our furry loved ones, over the companionship of people.

But in the rescue world we also see the very best in people. Just when we uncover some horrific crime against animals, we see our community rally together for the cause. We see the most amazing volunteers offer their time, their resources, their ears. And in the midst of it all, amongst the lowlifes dumping their animals in shelters, we see the human factor behind the terrible and difficult decision to give a dog a better life. A life where they can be understood. A life of family, happiness, love. A life inside a home, where they can learn and thrive. Not everyone is meant to be the guardian of a special needs animal, and it takes an incredibly selfless person to realize they are not what is best. So often we hate the people that give up their pets, that we fail to remember how incredible some of these angels are, That take the time to seek out help when it is needed.

theodoreTonight I Salute the families of our new GDU foster babies Teddy, a darling and happy deaf Old English Sheepdog we will be calling Theodore. (Because then I can call him Theo-Dorable), and Alice, a Deaf Great Dane puppy from Canada. Their families truly love them. Love them enough to drive then all the way here, Theo from Tennessee to ensure he gets the training and help he needs, to be a valued member of a family one day, and Alice from Canada to Massachusetts to meet our rescue transport team. Though goodbyes were tearful, we could not respect this very difficult decision any more. We wish their dear families a peaceful ride home, knowing they will thrive and succeed under the GDU Training Team’s Guidance. Please welcome Dear Theo and Sweet Alice . They have always been very well loved.