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Where Are They Now?

In late 2014 Green Dogs Unleashed received an Urgent Rescue from a shelter who needed rescue for a very pregnant female boxer named Leeloo which resulted in Christmas miracle puppies. Here is an update of a few of Leeloo’s beautiful puppies! You can read the entire story below. Pictured above: The day all the puppies went to their new homes. Each family stopped by to take a group photo.    Pictured: Jojo is doing great and getting big!    Pictured: This Maia formerly Cindy Lou. She is thoroughly enjoying life

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Welcome Liberty to GDU

Green Dogs Unleashed received an URGENT plea for help to get a deaf pregnant Australian Cattle dog out of a shelter in Surry Co., NC before she was to go into labor and give birth. The shelters concern was the upcoming 4th of July weekend (which they would be closed for) and they felt she needed to safely be in rescue at a foster home before her puppies arrived. Our GDU team jumped into gear and started networking for help. A big shout out to Mayberry for Paws for helping

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Lilly Gets Rescued By GDU

We want to welcome our newest little deaf rescue dog Lilly to Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue! Two in a a half weeks ago we got word from our friends at Deaf Dogs Rock of a little deaf girl named Lilly in Louisiana who needed our help. We needed to get her from Louisiana into rescue here in Virginia and Deaf Dogs Rock offered to financially sponsor Lilly into rescue so GDU committed to getting her from LA to VA. GDU contacted HHRT and they jumped in to help transport Lilly

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Foster Dogs Thriving – Update

Below is an update on Fiona, Chester and Riley the rescue dogs who came to Green Dogs Unleashed last week. Fiona’s Before photos Foster Update Fiona! Update: Senior Newfie mix Fiona was found as a stray, covered in mats and burrs and had to be shaved down totally. The amazing people at Orange County Animal Shelter in VA take nothing but the best care of their residents, and made sure she was comfortable until rescue (GDU) was secured. Fiona is now out of the shelter and living it up in

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Newest Foster Additions Arrive at GDU

Here at Green Dogs Unleashed we are so fortunate to have some amazing foster families available to nurture and love the dogs that come into our rescue program. This allows each foster family to evaluate their new foster dog and also work on any issues the dog may have to overcome any challenges that may be present before each dog is available for adoption. By having a good foster program it also allows GDU to be able to clearly represent each adoptable dog and try to make a good family

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GDU Attends CCS Spring Fling

One of the things our Green Dogs Unleashed volunteers love to do is take our GDU Therapy Dog Teams out to special events. This is a great opportunity for our team members to work with their therapy dogs and at the same time reach out to our local community on what we do here at Green Dogs Unleashed. We get to talk to children about how to properly approach a dog and teach them some safety tips on approaching dogs they don’t know.  We also get to bring awareness to

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Magnificent Mack Needs Help

Introducing Mack. Mack was surrendered by a young military family, unable to afford the extensive care and ongoing follow up treatment he will need. This gentle giant , 9 month old deaf Great Dane puppy is quite possibly the largest dane pup we have seen. All that size doesn’t help that Mack has Osteo Condritis Disicans in both of his shoulders and will need surgery to correct this. Thankfully the amazing Vets at VVS have given him a very good long term prognosis following surgery, but this is extremely costly

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An Important Note…

A Note From Green Dogs Unleashed Director: In rescue work we often see the very worst of people. People who treat their animals like commodities, tools, trash. People who toss them away Unfazed by the emotional, physical, and psychological damage they cause these helpless creatures. People and sometimes shelters that abuse, neglect, and profit from the pain and suffering they cause. We see the worst of humans, and it often takes its toll on a rescue warriors heart. We become disgusted, discouraged, outraged and often indifferent to other human Beings.

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Let There Be Light – A Deaf Dog Training Conundrum

Let There Be Light – A Deaf Dog Training Conundrum By: Erika Proctor – Director of Animal Behavior and Specialist at Green Dogs Unleashed Photo above: Notice the dog going after the light reflection of the doggy pool on the carport?  Photo credit: Great Dane Chasing Laser light from Why Dogs Chase Laser Beams on    “Should I use a flashing light device to train my deaf dog?” A question I recently seem to be asked daily. As an Animal Behavior Specialist that specializes in working with special needs dogs and

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Green Dogs Unleashed is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and professionally training animals in need to become therapy dogs, then placing them in homes to give back to the community. We focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and training of special needs animals to work with special needs humans. 

All of our animals are currently trained and rehabilitated at Unleashed Canine Training Academy in Troy, VA.