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A Reason Greater Than Any Other

A Reason Greater Than Any Other by Erika Proctor – Green Dogs Unleashed The puppies sat huddled and hunkered down in the back of the run, filthy and covered in fleas as so many before them had. They trembled when the shelter workers walked by and tried their best not to make eye contact. They were but babes, tossed aside like so many animals are. Someone had treated them like disposable trash. Our rescue Green Dogs Unleashed received the call for help the next morning. Nine they counted nine little

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Our GDU team are tickled pink to announce that little Ditto has found his amazing forever home!!!! Complete with 2 humans brothers and a Aussie Sister to show him the ropes. His new family spent quite a bit of time working on all his amazing obedience commands with us, and you can see in the pics how great they all were doing!!!! Be good little man, our hearts are all with you.

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Tank Finds his Forever Home

Little English Bulldog Hoss now named Tank has found his loving forever home. Tank’s foster family (The Robinson family) decided they just could not live without him. Tank is now Tank Robinson! Welcome to the Robinson family Tank!    As you can see from this photo Tank fits into his new home perfectly!

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Miss Gucci Has Been Adopted

Miss Gucci has been adopted! A lovely couple who said her eye drops were no big deal because they have to do them every day themselves. They said it will be a family affair. Love these folks! When I asked what they thought after they met her, the lady said, “I knew I was hers when she wiggled and wagged her way over to me when I walked in the house.” Way to work it Gucci!

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Sid Finds His Forever Family! From his new mama Pam Good Keller: We are so blessed to have Sid as part of our family. We had a great first evening and the whole family is in love. Thank you so much for trusting us with this sweet boy.

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Deaf Australian Cattle Dog Bailey Found His Forever Family! From Becky Woycik-Hart: Bailey is making himself at home!

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Our Green Dogs Unleashed Team is THRILLED to announce that dear little Phoebe wiggles her way into new daddy Aaron’s heart today. He drive all the way down Boston to meet this precious pup and it was love at first sight. Phoebe will be the apple of her daddy’s eye, as he gets to spend plenty of time earning her trust and getting to know her. What a trip for this little Floridian lady!

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Green Dogs Unleashed had another successful adoption. Porthos found his forever mom today and is officially ADOPTED!

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Super happy adoption day to Silvie! She picked an amazing family, and it was love at first sight. Our GDU Family will be looking forward to seeing all their updates!

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Sweet Heaven found her forever family and she is officially adopted! From her new mom Valerie Schendel: Heaven is a little doll. Great with everyone!!! Soooo happy that she is a part of our family.

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Green Dogs Unleashed is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and professionally training animals in need to become therapy dogs, then placing them in homes to give back to the community. We focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and training of special needs animals to work with special needs humans. 

All of our animals are currently trained and rehabilitated at Unleashed Canine Training Academy in Troy, VA.